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These are simple pencil sketches of a character who does not yet have a story. She has fan-shaped blades attached to her shoulders/back and retractable scythe-like psy blades that come out of her wrists and elbows. The fan-shaped blades are metal and help conduct mental projections while blocking incoming mental attacks. They also serve as a broadcast point for free flowing psy bolts in an emergency. The psy blades are mental extensions of energy and are for hand-to-hand combat.

Back view: Here she is arched backwards while practicing psy extension from the middle of her back. Typically the psy fighters in her particular clan are only trained to extend psychically from the joints in the arms and sometimes the legs. So far it is unclear why this particular psy fighter is practicing this kind of extension.

Delusion has a shape. This EyeDemon is the result of an inability to remove one's ego from a situation. In its early manifestation it distorts perception but can be dissolved with focus. Once it's grown stronger it must be intentionally displaced by putting one's energy behind the eye instead of out in front, tangled in the situation. In its later manifestation it is quite strong and must be engaged physically.

Traditionally it is the role of the psy fighter to neutralize EyeDemons that have gotten out of hand. They are trained specifically to cultivate then eradicate their own EyeDemons, or egos. This method is referred to as Shadow Stealing. The level of a psy fighter's commitment to The Journey can sometimes be ascertained by what she uses to project her psy; earlier on the psy fighter will have a shaman's staff, then fan blades, then a circlet worn floating around the back of the neck, and finally a few small orbs that float in orbit around the psy fighter's head. The stage at which a psy fighter has Stolen Her Own Shadow is typified by the integration of opposites. Here she often uses no external prop to project her psy, and no longer casts a shadow.

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